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About Us


In Dubai, a city of 3 million residents and growing, real estate development is rich with thousands of developers vying for market share. This intense competition is among the densest globally, rising consistently as the market matures to greater heights.

Anticipating the inevitable market consolidation, Refine’s founders leverage their unique exposure, experience, and expertise to form a strong alliance. With vast resources and a combined portfolio worth Billions of Dirhams, we deliver refined projects with optimal efficiency and economy.

Refine pioneers the DaaS (Development-as-a-Service) solution, empowering fellow developers and investors with a simpler process for better results.

Our Model


The subscription model offers maximum flexibility, allowing clients to select specific services or the full journey, pay as the project progresses, and cancel without repercussions.

The success fee model ensures Refine’s accountability, aligning our interests with the client’s. We manage both the entry and exit of the investment, earning our success fee through diligent efforts. This drives our team to excel, fostering mutual benefits.

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